Saturday 23rd Sep 2023 2pm – 4pm

– Workshops to help you flow through the seasons – 

Join El Wilder for a series of workshops exploring the power of the seasons!
Each 2 hour workshop will open with some meditation & breathwork, after which you will be guided through a Vinyasa Flow (the ‘yang’) to energise, and then wind down with some deep stretches (the ‘yin’) to relax & release.

Each session will focus on the element and meridian lines associated to that specific season, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, to help keep you in tune with the energy of that season. The flow from Yang to Yin will help cultivate balance and harmony in the body & mind.

Autumn: Lungs & Large Intestines – Saturday 23rd September 2-4pm

Think of autumn, ruled by the Metal element, as a time to let go. Just as the leaves turn golden and fall, we can take a deep breath in, and then out, releasing habits, commitments, or thoughts that no longer sustain us. This workshop will have a deeper focus on pranayama as we connect to the Lung and Large Intestine Meridian lines.

Members £30 / Non-Members £35


Winter: Kidney and Bladder – 11th November 2-4pm
In winter, our bodies need respite and restoration. At this time of year, the Water element governs the thoughtful, quiet practice of tending to you. The Kidney and Bladder meridian lines make our final of the four workshops a compassionate hip opening and forward folding finale.