Hannah Pauley

Barre Strong Teacher

Hannah is a passionate barre instructor and personal trainer who has been working in the London fitness industry for 4 years and counting! After years of dance training, she discovered barre as a fitness method 4 years ago and it transformed her strength both mentally and physically.

Hannah is big on accessibility in class, and hopes to help you to discover strength in yourself that you didn’t know existed. She brings a friendly, upbeat vibe to her classes and has been known to “kill you with kindness”.

She really believes barre can be for everyone no matter what your background, fitness level or abilities are. Through small low-impact exercises, she focuses on the major muscle groups: Legs, Glutes, Arms and Core. In class, Hannah can help you modify exercises to make them tailored to a beginner, or more challenging depending on your needs. She will keep you focused and entertained with different classes each week and a strong focus on breath and technique. Her class is always accompanied by an awesome playlist, so that you’re having fun and building strength at the same time.