Regine Miqdadi

Yoga Teacher

Ever since I discovered yoga 20 years ago, it gave me a connection back to myself which I had lost. I have been walking home to myself ever since. I impart this into my classes, holding space for people to come home to themselves, be in the present moment, to be able to accept themselves for who they are in all their beauty. I want people to feel good about themselves and life and to live their life from their heart’s desires, operating from their True Self. Whether that’s in a vinyasa or yin class, having time to really see yourself.

You’ll find a lot of heart openers in my classes, so people can connect with their heart to live a life of authenticity and integrity. I want people to be happy, fulfilled and inspired to create change. I believe we’re here for the good times; lifting peoples consciousness and vibrations so they can live a more fulfilling life, away from judgement, into acceptance and unconditional love… because that stuff feels so good!